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Anne Gleeson Funeral Celebrant

Funeral Celebrant

I create funerals for those

  • who want an individual and personal ceremony

  • who prefer a more creative spiritual farewell, rather than a formal service

  • who want to work with me to create their own ceremony

  • children, babies born pre-term, still-born or toddlers

  • older people whose families want a ceremony worthy of the life lived

  • lonely people who have outlived family and friends

Grief Support

Even as a teenager, I talked with my Dad, a farmer, about death. We wondered about our Western ways of dying. As a young Mum, I trained as a Palliative Care volunteer. Fifteen years ago, I began working as a Funeral Director and Celebrant.

I care deeply about how we say goodbye to those we love.

Working with people who are dying, or recently bereaved, or who are finding the journey through grief hard, has become the keystone of my life’s work.

If you are finding your grief hard to bear, please reach out.

Anne Gleeson Grief Support


Thank you for a very special day on Thursday. The weather was on our side and the service for Dad was very special. Thank you for bringing it together for Dad and Us. 


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