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Change Coaching

To discover how much I enjoy coaching people has been a surprise. But to see people shift to a place of greater ease and contentment has been one of the most satisfying aspects of any work I have done.


Though sometimes spiked with humour or sadness, our gentle coaching conversations have led those I coach to recognise misunderstanding, to be more open to opportunity, to experience life or a particular situation differently.


This is what I’m offering; the opportunity for companionship as you move forward with the things that matter to you. I will help you navigate through the storm to the clarity of an open sky. Perhaps together we can recognise the energy and power of a storm and the possibilities that might lead to lasting change.

If you would like to have a 'no obligation' call to get to know each other, use the contact form to send me a message, or book a session using my calendar.

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Coaching: Single Coaching Session

This is likely to suit you if you have a pressing problem, a pending decision, or if you want to take a gentle step towards living a deeper life. I coach using Zoom, phone, face to face meetings, or companiable walking (for those who live in the Kyneton region).

Contact and discussions are confidential.

Tailored Packages

Could you do with ongoing professional support as you deal with major issues or adjust to a new situation? Would you like a companion as you create a freer, more fulfilled life? Is there a habit/problem that you would like to not have?

Corporate Packages

I have worked with groups in the fields of leadership, education, well-being, death & dying, workplace relations and have acted as a mediator in a variety of settings. We can work out a package tailored to your group or business's specific challenges.


Anne was really good. She allowed me to work through problems that my family dismiss as trivial, They tell me to toughen up. With Anne, I spoke for a long time about little things that I couldn't shake from my mind and since the session, I’ve spent a lot less time worrying about them because I had the chance to process them with someone who really listened to me.


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